Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And the winner is......

Lotto Tickets, Bingo, Red Rover...these are games you will never see me win.  The only time I've ever won something was in middle school when I called the local radio station and won an EP of The Shake.  (A fantastic local band!)

Lately, I've been in the mind-set of, "do it all, whats the worse that'll happen?"   

C'est La Vie, mon ami!

So, I've been applying for lots of random sweepstakes, trips across the world, free pants...whatev.  I'm game!  The only annoying consequences have been my email blowing up from spam & my new found friendships with telemarketers.

Dearly time has ARRIVED.

Bobbie Thomas is a fashion expert you can find on the Today Show and on Hoda & Kathy Lee.  (FYI, today was Wine Wednesday)  I decided to follow her blog awhile back, cuz I can use as many fashion tips I can get!  Well, BT has a Weekly Win-It every Friday.  I've started entering these contests in hopes of winning something.  This past Friday's contest had these:

 I LOVE these!!!!!!!!  I've been wanting a new case for my newly purchased iPhone, so I entered with the only thought, " I get to choose which one when I win????"

BT mentioned the winner would be announced  by Saturday evening.  Sunday rolled around and there was no announcement.  Monday crept up and there was still winner.  I commented, "Do we know who won this?  I keep checking back in hopes to see my name announced.  :)"

Well, today I was at Target to receive this email:

Hi Natasha! The original win-it winner never replied to our email so we picked you as the new winner (noticed you'd been checking back so figured you earned runner up :)

Please send us your full name and address and we'll get it shipped out to you!
Team BT
I tried to respond with a cool, trendy, breezy (Friends quote!) email:
No way!!!  Persistence does pay off! :) This is so nice of u guys! Thanks. :)
Natasha Saran
So...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no clue which one I'll end up with, but who cares! 
I won something else!!! 
Yay :)  
To check out my win, go to Bobbie Thomas' site.