Sunday, June 27, 2010

...a nutshell

Hello Hello!!

I am currently in London on my Aunt & Uncle's couch watching the Argentina vs Mexico game. is a quick update of the past couple of days.

Friday was great! I hung out with Jackie and her friends during the day. THEN, that night, Jackie, myself, and 2 other fun friends went out for the night. First we went to this yummy bakery for some sweets, and then headed to the Lighthouse. The lighthouse is this strip right by the ocean where you can get fresh chips, coconuts, and other goodies. We enjoyed some coconut water whilst gazing at the gorgeous night sky! I love the beach and can't imagine growing tired of the sights! We then purchased some delish chips (they fry up casava or potato chips right there!). We then headed over to a bar to watch the futball games. They had both games going on different screens, which was fun to watch with others. After the game we headed home around midnight. I stayed up to pack, and finally slept around 1:30am. As soon as I closed my eyes it was time to get up and leave. My new friend Sajiid came at 6am to take me to the airport, and let us fast forward to 8:30am...I'm in the air.

Fast forward another 10ish hours and I'm in London!! YAY!!!

Today, Sunday, my aunt cooked lunch and had her kids come over along with a cousin of her's. Lunch was delish!! Shrimp and salmon curry...Mmmm indeed!! (Curry is pretty much the key to my heart.) After lunch we watched a futball match, then my aunt and I took a stroll around the neighbourhood. It is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a rather hot summer for this part of town. Which makes me a little nervous to go back to Dallas to triple digits!!

So, that is the past 3 days in a nutshell. Tomorrow we're going into the city, so I'll try to update with pictures!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

...24 hours

I officially have 1 day left in Mombasa, so I crammed as much as I could into yesterday. I finally made it out to the beach. For some reason the beach always take my breath away. The vastness of the horizon rejuvinates my soul for some reason. My new friend, Brenda, took me to a beach near her home. We walked up and down the beach. We did a little shopping, rode a camel, and did some people watching. It was a beatiful day!!

We came back and met up with Jackie in town. From there I went to get a pedi!! We got to the salon and found out the whole area was in a blackout. I decided to go ahead with the pedi,the lady enjoys her leisure! I realized about 30 minutes in I could no longer see my magazine. It was getting really dark, so the owner tried the lights and voila!! Let there be electricity! :) My quick pedi ended up being 2 AMAZING HOURS!!!

After turning to jello from my more than perfect pedi I enjoyed a bollywood flick with my new friend Sajiid! We watched 3 Idiots...its a great movie. The subtitles didn't work all the time, so Sajiid had to pause quite a bit to make sure I understood. Luckily I'm a genius and could figure out the jist of what was going on.

Overall yesterday was great! My time here has been relaxing and fun. I've enjoyed getting to know everyone here...I'm sad I have to leave though. Today (Friday) is my last day, and there was talk about hanging out at the lighthouse. I'll let you know what we end up doing. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010 dancing shoes

Last night Jackie, myself, and 4 others went out for karaoke!! I'm usually not a fan of karaoke but last night turned out to be a ton of fun! We all ended up singing a few songs together, and a couple people sang songs on there own!! (Brave souls!) A favorite moment of the night was when this stylish lady went up to sing. Her name was Stella, and she had an elaborate halter top on with her skinny, white, jeans, and super high heels. Her hair was short, but had plenty of flair, so with this swag we expected her to belt out some good notes. The DJ started her song and within the first note she had us hooked!!! Her singing was as fabulous as a car cash. It was so nasely it was hard to keep the laughter at bay. Even the DJ cringed when she would hit high notes! I know, I know...I'm being mean, but I had to share.

There were 2 sisters there with their mom, and they sang a couple rap songs. These ladies were actually fun and entertaining!!! We all became friends with them...especially on the dance floor! That's right friends!!! After karaoke another DJ came and we hit the dancefloor! All this was happening at a nice hotel about 20ish minutes from where we're staying. There weren't too many people there because of the World Cup. There was a group of, what looked like Americans along with a scattering of locals. My favorite was this random tall, old man who would just shuffle along by himself. At one point everyone was dancing to Shakira's, "Time for Africa" song of the World Cup.

So, we're all singing and dancing to the song when everything stops and its dark and silent. BLACKOUT!! The guys we're with take out their phones to use as flashlights, they continue the song, and we all keep dancing. WELCOME TO AFRICA!!! :)

A few minutes later the generator kicked in and we were back in business. It was a fun night that ended in us going home to a blackout. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...bread, tea, and football!

Hello dear friends!

Sorry I've been MIA. I'm using my friend's internet, and I don't wanna spend to much time on here. Here is a brief update!

I enjoyed my time in Paris and was sad to leave. I ended up spending the last couple days with new friends, and good time just sitting and reading at Sacre Coure. If I could build a mini Sacre Coure in my backyard...i totally would! Friday afternoon I left my hostel to venture back to the airport. Sadly, it still took me 2 hours to get there, BUT it was because of all the stops and waiting around. So yay for me!!!!

After a couple flights and clearing, a frustrating, customs I made it to Mombasa!! My sweet friend, Jackie picked me up and we've just been relaxing. Saturday evening I joined her for dinner and life discussion with some friends. Since then I've been enjoying meeting all her friends and playing with the neighborhood kids. I've enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere here. I've read a book in 1 day! That's always a great sign of relaxation. :)

Jackie has been feeding me well. There are SO many yumm breads here like, CHAPATI!! (Indian flatbread.) Also, I usually enjoy one cup of tea at home, here I have it a few times a day. We've also capped each night off with watching the World Cup. Americans out is so much more interesting than American Football!! It is also fun coming together and talking about it, or hearing others talk about it.

I love how it unites the world...even more so than the Olympics.

Anyways...sorry no pictures. Hope you're doing well!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Tuesday morning I woke up to the lovely sounds of constructions. The hostel I'm in is currently doing renovations which happen to be on my floor. Which is actually good because I'd probably sleep most of the day.

Anyways, I get up and decide to visit the Champs Elysèes. I courageously navigate my way through the metro to find myself at my actual destination!! I exit the metro with fabulous shopping to my left, and to my left the Arc de Triomphe with a mob! Naturally I made my way over to watch the blue scrub wearing activist yell things in French, blow horns, hold signs, and pass out flyers. I overhear 2 older scottish women analyze the situation. I butt in and they kindly inform me these are frustrated doctors taking a stand against the financial cuts the government is making.

As you can see there is a nice audience to watch this scene. I stepped back to get a better look, and I'm glad I did! All of a sudden the whole crowd is stampeding towards me! I watch them pass me rubbing their eyes and coughing the words, "tear gas." NO WAY!! I've never been anywhere with tear gas! I had my big fancy shades on, so I wasn't effected, but I could start to taste it in the air. I can't imagine having that stuff actually in my eyes and mouth.

I apologize for the unasthetic appeal, but I can't seem to get this right and time is ticking.

These are pictures from after the tear gas. If you look on this picture to the left, you'll see a white sheet on the top of the Arc. That was a great plan that failed. The doctors had surprise people at the top pop up and drop this HUGE banner, that I'm sure had a powerful statement on it. Yet, sadly due to the windy weather, and lack of weights on the cloth banner, it stayed rolled up. I waited around hoping they would get it figured out; but after a few more failed attempts, I left for my shopping spree. I am currently wearing a new shirt. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 hostel


I've been in Paris for a day now and have spent about 12 hours lost. First I land in Paris and it takes me forever to find the train that will take me to my hostel. When I finally find it and go to the machine to purchase my ticket, I learn my card doesn't work. After trying a couple machines a kind man offers some help. I gave him my money and he purchased my ticket. He then told me about the different trains and which one I needed. A few minutes later a few ladies approached me asking about the trains. I paused thinking my new friend would chime in. He did not, so I answered the questions and they believed me!! I'm like I pro. I'm pretty sure I have found my new profession.

I get on my train which takes me to my destination, or so I thought. First I ask someone that works there how to exit. He tells me to get on the M5. I prend to till I don't see him. I then find a wall map which was of no help. I ask the local, armed, guard. He was of no help nor his 2 other guard buddies that gathered around. Finally a business man new exactly where I was headed and wrote directions for me. I follow his directions which don't lead me to my hostel. I'm guessing it has been a while since he traveled this area. After asking a few other random strangers I finally reach my destination!! It only took 2 hours. (Insert sarcasm)
I settle in to find out I'm in a single room by myself. I'm kinda bummed but am ok with the peace.

Here is room, my view, and my sink.

After settling in I wandered to find...

Sunday, June 6, 2010 iPod!

I went looking for my iPod cuz I was gonna add some music and videos to it, but I couldn't find it anywhere!!!!!!! No worries...put the search dogs away; I found it in a random bag. As I was looking at music I found this song. You need to make it your summer jam! Just make sure you get the clean version.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Sadly, my body is use to waking up as a responsible adult which means I was up around 530 this morning. I tried sleeping in, but the sun strategically poked through my blinds. I rolled out of bed around 630 and decided to figure out what all I needed for my trip. While I was creating a schedule for my outfits I watched the Patriot Act movie on Hulu. Here is a trailer for it:

(I didn't always agree with what they were saying and I got frustrated watching, but I like seeing life from all perspectives. Especially when it ruffles feathers.)

During the movie I decided this is what I'm going to take.
It doesn't seem like much because its not. I plan to do some shopping, and I plan to leave stuff behind to make room for my new wardrobe!

After refolding and re-rolling my clothes I got everything to fit! My goal is to not check in luggage, so this is it!!

After that I was invited to go to a Rangers game for I went and even though I sweated like a beast, I had a fun time!! I came home, showered and watched Amelie to prep for France.

My high school french teacher told us about this movie, and it is still a top favorite of mine! So check it out at your local Netflix or Blockbuster. I'm pretty sure Redbox won't be carrying this movie.

I discovered a feature that will email you when I post a new blog. If you would like me to add your email to this feature, let me know! Thanks for wanting to join my journey. :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010 passport!

Dearest Readers,
So...this Sunday I'm leaving for a mini trip.

I start out in Paris, France, from June 6 - June 11.
June 12 - June 26 I'll be in Mombasa, Kenya.
I then finish up with June 27 - July 2 in London.
Mini trip = overseas extravaganza!!!!! :)

My goal is to TRY and keep up with this blog whilst I'm away. If I don't I'll give you a little update when I get back. I'm very excited!!

In Paris I will be spending some time at Picasso's house, Monet's house, creperies, Sacre Coure, and Champs Elysees!!!!

Mombasa I will be spending some sweet time with a friend, and (hopefully) lots of time on the beach. :)

London I will be spending time with my Aunt & Uncle and their children and grand-daughter. I'm excited to see them...its been too long!

I'll do my best to keep up with this blog...but it is dependent on the free availability of the internets.