Wednesday, December 29, 2010

...A Brown Dinner

This post is dedicated to my new friends, Sandhia and Vineet, but mostly Sandhia cuz she is nice and will actually read this.

Today was a low-key day for Jana and I. We worked out, hung around the house, and ran errands. Later, Jana made reservations for dinner at Bollywood Dreams, Indian food. She also invited some friends to join us for dinner. I've really enjoyed getting to know a lot of their friends over here. It is good to know they're in good hands. The couple tonight, Sandhia & Vineet, were super nice and funny. We enjoyed another excellent meal at this cute little Indian restaurant located in this wacked out plaza. The plaza had all these crazy twists and turns, with intricate sculptures and SHOPPING!!! :) Sandhia, Jana and I went into this kitchy boutique while the boys wandered and grabbed coffee. T'was a great evening with a few photos of the ladies at the restaurant. Enjoy!

...a White Xmas

Greetings my is a quick update on what I've been up to:

Xmas day started with AWESOME presents and Jana cooking pancakes. While she cooked Robert may or may not have let me try on his flak jacket. When the cats away the mice will play!! :)

After breakfast we hung around the house then headed to his Warrant Officer's house for dinner. There was good food, good drinks, and met interesting and fun people Robert works with.

The following day we went to church then headed to lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant. The food was excellent, but sitting on the floor in a skirt wasn't all that it's cracked up to be. After lunch we headed home to pack for our trip to Okuma, Japan which is the northern part of the island. We stayed 2 nights at a military resort up there, and the 1st night we ate at this excellent Japanese restaurant where I had to cook my own food at the table!! I don't even cook at home!

It was fun, different, and DELISH!

The next day the 3 of us headed to Cape Hedo, which is the most northern part of the island and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bird, bird, bird...Bird is the word.

After Cape Hedo we grabbed lunch and ventured over to Hiji Falls. It was an adventure hiking through the greenery and STAIRS. (My calves still hurt.)

(Jana is a photographer and I'm waiting to get her photos. I'm ok with mooching from time to time.)

The following day we left Okuma and headed back home. Robert had to work, so Jana and I went shopping. Then that night the 3 of us went to the zoo to see Christmas lights!!!!!!

The zoo parking was BEYOND packed, and let's just say 30min of following men in orange vests waiving blinking batons, we found ourselves parking at a nearby middle school soccer field. We then stood in a line to get on a shuttle that took us to the zoo. We had about 30min until the zoo closed...Oops!

Oh, and apparently Hello Kitty is the only thing that "Can Stop Christmas."

All in all the zoo was a lot of fun and exciting to watch the many families interact with each other and the holiday festivities. Stay tuned for more!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

...toes and oceans 2 is over and it was fabulous! Jana and I started with a morning walk around base. It is so pretty out here!!! Okinawa is about 60miles wide and gloriously beautiful!!! The weather is also excellent this time of year. After our walk we came home to get ready for our pedicures. We went from janky to glorious in 2 hours.

I hadn't done my toes since September because I knew I was getting them done in December with Jana. Jana got poinsettias and I got a glittery gold w/ black paisley pattern. It's amazing how detailed and quick the ladies were!!

We then met up Robert for lunch at the Hearth Cafe right off the seawall. The fish here is usually sashimi which has been ridiculously fresh and delectable! Let's just say this pescetarian is in heaven!

Ok, I DO NOT like this photo b/c I look like a tool, but Jana thought it was hilarious b/c it looks like I'm trying to drink from my straw. However, I am including this b/c the beverage pictured is FRESH GUAVA JUICE. If the chair I was in had been flimsy I would have toppled over from the quality of this bev. If I could, I would throw 10 thumbs up to this tasty liquid.

I will include this darling photo of Jana and Robert with our scrumptious banana with chocolate dessert. We sat out on the patio right by the ocean. It was glorious. We also sat next to this puppy who's tongue was permanently stuck to the side of its face. At least that's what it looked like.

Before leaving we took some photo opts of the old seawall before they started tearing it down. They are building a new one to create a wider road. Practical, yet sad they're ripping down quality history.

Beautiful much????

I do, however, have some tragic news for you. Are you sitting down? Make sure the box of tissues are nearby.

From all the up and down on the sea wall, and my spiritual gift of clumsiness, I shattered my toenail polish. (on the big toe)

Moment of silence...

I do need you to focus on my pinky toe. Notice the lack-of nail. I don't get pedis much, so watching the technician's reaction to this lack-of is my favorite part of getting pampered. I remember once the guy spent about 15 min trying to file, cut, ect this sad excuse for a nail. So, I was beyond impressed with this technician. She kept the nail long. [I don't like long nails on fingers or toes, but in this case I'll make the exception.] She PAINTED A DESIGN on this tiny canvas!!!!! I made sure to compliment her talents, and she giggled and agreed with my lack-of nail.

It is currently Christmas Eve Morning, and Jana just mentioned Christmas Eve Mimosas. I'm off to celebrate in my pjs!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...Arigato Gozaimasu

I have never felt so uncultured as I do in Japan. I never saw myself entering the eastern part of our world, so I never really studied or explored the history/current events, the language, or the customs. I'm totally on a learning curve out here in Japan, and thankfully I have two excellent teachers!!

Today started with an early rise which included Jana and I making french toast for breakfast. We then headed to Robert's work so he could get me a longterm pass to enter the military base they live on. The apartment Jana & Robert live in is nice, and they decorated it very well. You can see some of it at Jana's blog.

After I got my pass for base the 3 of us went to this DELISH restaurant and enjoyed some sushi. I was a little thrown off with the custom of taking off your shoes and stepping up to step into your table. Thankfully the Whites were accustomed to this, so I followed their lead. After lunch Jana and I met up with 2 of her girl friends, and the 4 of us drove over to the SPA! It was my bday gift from Jana. :) We did a hot stone treatment for an hour which was followed by an hour massage. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

Later in the evening Jana, Robert, and I went to dinner at this place that cooks with all garlic. Smelly? No. Tasty flavors dancing on your tongue? Yup.

Jana and I with the painting of garlic cloves on the side of the restaurant.

From here Jana and I walked down to an ice cream shop while Robert moved the car down there. This was a great opportunity for some Japan night light shots!

You can't tell, but that's McDonalds in the background.

Do you see the McD's in the background?????

We made it to the ice cream shop and found an awesome cut out!

After ice cream we headed home and are currently watching The Social Network. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg for being awkward, smart, and helping me waste time.

Well my computer is about to die...catch you later! Oyasuminasai!!! (Good night)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


ok...this is major quick Mary's update on our NATIVITY SCENE COSTUME PARTY!!! It was a MAJOR hit!!!!!

Now, I'm hoping my last blog kept you intrigued to where my current coordinates are. Well...if you remember this post you'll know I'm in OKINAWA, JAPAN!!! (And yes, I totally wore that shirt on the plane.) I landed in Okinawa yesterday and was beyond excited to see Jana and Robert! Today we're headed to the spa for a post-bday celebration! YAY!!

Enjoy some throw backs!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010 social life

This past week has dragged on work-wise, but has FLOWN by social-wise! Let's start with Monday night:

A few years ago I spent a couple months in Southern Sudan, and this past week Bishop Taban, from S.Sudan, was in town! Some friends gathered for dinner and prayer for him and Sudan. It was a precious time together.

Tuesday (drum roll please....) was my day of birth!! It was a great day of feeling cared for! :) My day started with a happy bday from my roommate, and some awesome presents! I headed for work and was greeted with more bday wishes and lots of presents and cards on my desk! Total surprise and made me feel special. :) I was also surprised (but not really when he called to ask for my work address) by BIRTHDAY FLOWERS!!! They came in a cute little basket with a bear and chocolate. And 5 days later they're still kickin! After work I met Mary, Allison, and Steven at Cafe Istanbul for a delish bday dinner, and then we headed to Rise for bday dessert! All in all I had a FABULOUS time celebrating me!!! I'm not gonna lie...I don't like the holiday season cuz it makes me kinda sad, so I'm usually in a funk when my bday to roles Tuesday's celebration helped bring me out of it. THANKS FRIENDS!!

Wednesday night I went to a surprise engagement party. My dear, dear Katy Roffino will be Mrs. Bryce Nieman!!!! So excited for them both!! I then quickly headed to a Xmas party at my old church, but I got there a little late and everyone started leaving. Oh presence was appreciated. :)

(They're too attractive, right???)

Thursday night I went to Jamie Eng's bachelorette party. What happened there, stays there.

Friday night my mom rented a room at the Gaylord for all of us to celebrate my bday, her bday, and xmas. My sister and her family are going to El Paso for Xmas and I'll be in Japan, so my mom wanted us to all be together at least once. We ate dinner and then hit up the Charlie Brown Ice Show. Afterwards my sister and her family let, I showered, and hit the bed. I was EXHAUSTED from my social week. The next morning my parents and I enjoyed breakfast by the "river."

All in all it was a great week! I'm glad it is over because I'm officially on HOLIDAY BREAK FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night Mary and I through a fancy Christmas party, and then tomorrow I leave for a trip!!! How was the party? Where am I going?? Stay tuned my dears...stayed tuned...