Saturday, December 11, 2010


Quick update because I can't keep this all to myself!! Last night Torie, Joy, and I drove out to Gators Croc & Rock (in the West End) for some drinks and karaoke to celebrate my [early] birthday!

Gators was pretty low traffic most of the night, so when we arrived we instantly befriended a server who took our pretty pictures!

We got inside and noticed the lack of people, so we sat at the bar to make some friends. Oh, boy, did we!! Firstly, my dear dear Ashlee joined us all the way from Weatherford!! (Expect to see more of her in future blogs. She's going to be a Mrs. soon!)

While we were chatting a young man came over and said he'd buy us a round if we sang karaoke. I love free and I love karaoke, so Torie and I sang, "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes.

There was a part of the song I got bored, so I made the DJ sing it. He was a good sport. THEN!!!!! The best part of the night! When returning from my concert, Joy introduced me to a man that has my same tattoo that's on the same wrist!!!!!

This guy was pretty cool. He sang a few songs and was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has a cool voice and great stage presence. I think he's a karaoke reg.

The rest of the night was filled with singing, laughter, and dancing. T'was a great way to celebrate my pre-birthday!

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  1. yay im in this one!!! thats all that matters, really.