Wednesday, December 29, 2010

...A Brown Dinner

This post is dedicated to my new friends, Sandhia and Vineet, but mostly Sandhia cuz she is nice and will actually read this.

Today was a low-key day for Jana and I. We worked out, hung around the house, and ran errands. Later, Jana made reservations for dinner at Bollywood Dreams, Indian food. She also invited some friends to join us for dinner. I've really enjoyed getting to know a lot of their friends over here. It is good to know they're in good hands. The couple tonight, Sandhia & Vineet, were super nice and funny. We enjoyed another excellent meal at this cute little Indian restaurant located in this wacked out plaza. The plaza had all these crazy twists and turns, with intricate sculptures and SHOPPING!!! :) Sandhia, Jana and I went into this kitchy boutique while the boys wandered and grabbed coffee. T'was a great evening with a few photos of the ladies at the restaurant. Enjoy!

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