Wednesday, December 22, 2010

...Arigato Gozaimasu

I have never felt so uncultured as I do in Japan. I never saw myself entering the eastern part of our world, so I never really studied or explored the history/current events, the language, or the customs. I'm totally on a learning curve out here in Japan, and thankfully I have two excellent teachers!!

Today started with an early rise which included Jana and I making french toast for breakfast. We then headed to Robert's work so he could get me a longterm pass to enter the military base they live on. The apartment Jana & Robert live in is nice, and they decorated it very well. You can see some of it at Jana's blog.

After I got my pass for base the 3 of us went to this DELISH restaurant and enjoyed some sushi. I was a little thrown off with the custom of taking off your shoes and stepping up to step into your table. Thankfully the Whites were accustomed to this, so I followed their lead. After lunch Jana and I met up with 2 of her girl friends, and the 4 of us drove over to the SPA! It was my bday gift from Jana. :) We did a hot stone treatment for an hour which was followed by an hour massage. IT. WAS. AMAZING.

Later in the evening Jana, Robert, and I went to dinner at this place that cooks with all garlic. Smelly? No. Tasty flavors dancing on your tongue? Yup.

Jana and I with the painting of garlic cloves on the side of the restaurant.

From here Jana and I walked down to an ice cream shop while Robert moved the car down there. This was a great opportunity for some Japan night light shots!

You can't tell, but that's McDonalds in the background.

Do you see the McD's in the background?????

We made it to the ice cream shop and found an awesome cut out!

After ice cream we headed home and are currently watching The Social Network. Thanks Mark Zuckerberg for being awkward, smart, and helping me waste time.

Well my computer is about to die...catch you later! Oyasuminasai!!! (Good night)

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  1. the picture with the garlic clove may or may not be my favorite.