Sunday, February 12, 2012

No...I didn't already have this...

For the past few years everyone asks me why I don't have my nose pierced. I'm Indian so I should get one, right?!  Wrong...I'm not gonna fall for the stereotype, people!!

Well, gravity won...the past couple of weeks I've actually been pondering the idea.  I was looking at images of piercings and realized how pretty the ring options are.  I figured that since I AM Indian it would look pretty natural and not too dramatic.  So Friday night....I got my friends Joy and Joey to join me!  ('ello brief alliteration)

We went to Cat Tattoo and I ended up with the SWEETEST piercer!

Joy took more pictures, but let's be honest...I'm getting my NOSE pierced...they aren't flattering pictures. 

Friday (when i got pierced) I had only told a handful of people at work about my exciting Friday night plan, so when I came to work on Saturday I was expecting some *gasps* or something!  NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!  No one said anything...I saw them looking, but nothing.  I finally started pointing it out to them and everyone responded, "You haven't always had that???"

UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Really?  Whatever...its good.  It looks natural and not I'm happy. :)

Enough of my ditsy vanity...Here's the photo finish. :)

(Actually 2 coworkers noticed on their own.  I hugged one of them for noticing.)