Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm ready for December to be here because I'm headed off on a jet plane. A couple months ago I bought this shirt:

I was hesitant to purchase this because I haven't been to Tokyo. (Yes, I know, instead of a name dropper I'm a country dropper. Get use to it.) I decided my goal was to make it to Japan, and well guess who happens to live in Japan??!!!? My dear friends Jana and her hubby Robert!

We've talked about me coming to celebrate Christmas and New Year's, but I wasn't 100% sure. Welp...I purchased the tank and I just purchased my plane tickets to Japan!!!!! I'm excited and nervous because I never really thought about venturing out to that part of the world. I haven't done my research!! I've gotta start ASAP!

I do have one issue, I need to renew my passport or else I won't be allowed back in the states! Wait...I forget what the problem is...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I write this blog with a sad heart. We're entering that time of year when our northern hemisphere is orbiting away from the sun which places us in autumn and then winter. My soul dies a little this time of year. The fall means the start of school, and the start of the holidays. I'm not a fan of holidays. There is too much pressure to cook, decorate, buy stuff, and spend forced time with family. Summer is AMAZING because you don't gotta buy anything except sunscreen, a towel, and a new swim suit. You don't have to decorate because it'll just melt in the heat. Any cooking is done outside by the pool, and that forced time is luxurious because you're reading OR napping by the pool!!!! I mean, come on...could it get any better than this??!!!!?!!!

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when the sun is kissing your skin. You can feel the rays romantically pursuing your skin, and result is a beautiful glow!!! I love seeing my friends throughout the summer. Their skin is sun kissed with freckles or a lovely olive glow. Everyone just seems so much more relaxed and happy. NO ONE is relaxed or happy during the winter. It is cold and MISERABLE!!! I mean many pairs of socks do I gotta put on to feel my toes again????

Ugh...i hate winter because it is sad and depressing. In honor of my sad sad heart, a little Ben Harper.

Monday, August 16, 2010

...something black and shiny!

Growing up I use to have a thing for Volkswagen Bugs, but as I've matured my taste has too. I'm not a car girl or a holla-dolla-gurl, so it's totally crazy I LOVE these vehicles!

Now, I'm not a girl that sits around and dreams about her wedding...BUT if I were to get married I'd wanna roll out in this:

That's right, a Jaguar. I was driving towards Houston once, and went 90mph to just lust at this beauty.

The other day I was at a stop light when my eye caught sight of this majestic king of the road.

Mr. Rolls Royce...this is as classy as it gets. This experience was my first introduction to the Royce. I've heard of them, but I've never seen one in at first sight indeed!!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, I enjoy my weekly Chrysler sightings. I've been seeing them all over town as of late, and am wishing I could trade in my Honda Accord (whom I love, and named Ms. Car) for one.

Now, if you have any connections to these vehicles (especially Mr. Royce) don't hesitate in letting me know. I don't really wanna own any of these...I just wanna drive around in one every now an then. I'm not weirdly in love with these for dolla reasons, but purely for aesthetic reasons.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

...little plastic tweet

Alright, I couldn't embed this from the CNN website, but I thought this was interesting. Better get your lemonade stand ready!!

What's new with Twitter?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


It is official!!!! I have my NEW LAPTOP!

(It does really look like this, but I wasn't gonna spend time finding it.)

My new lappy toppy does many things, but let's be honest...the only thing that matters is the WEBCAM!!! Enjoy some pictures I took, just for you!

This is in honor of my yoga buddies, Romo & Witten

Monday, August 9, 2010

...I'd get elected by Friday

Monday through Friday I get an email update about the world around us through, Reuters. One day I was scrolling through when I read that our dear Wyclef Jean is running for president of Haiti. I was rather intrigued and have been doing a little research. After some googling I found his platforms to improve education, help create jobs, instilling security into the culture, and improve agriculture. I also found his blog where he elaborates to Esquire his platforms. (make sure to click the links!!)

I also discovered Mr. President-In-Law on the cover of Esquire talking about Haiti. I'm so intrigued by all this!!

And now...a little President Jean for your enjoyment!