Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I write this blog with a sad heart. We're entering that time of year when our northern hemisphere is orbiting away from the sun which places us in autumn and then winter. My soul dies a little this time of year. The fall means the start of school, and the start of the holidays. I'm not a fan of holidays. There is too much pressure to cook, decorate, buy stuff, and spend forced time with family. Summer is AMAZING because you don't gotta buy anything except sunscreen, a towel, and a new swim suit. You don't have to decorate because it'll just melt in the heat. Any cooking is done outside by the pool, and that forced time is luxurious because you're reading OR napping by the pool!!!! I mean, come on...could it get any better than this??!!!!?!!!

One of my favorite feelings in the world is when the sun is kissing your skin. You can feel the rays romantically pursuing your skin, and result is a beautiful glow!!! I love seeing my friends throughout the summer. Their skin is sun kissed with freckles or a lovely olive glow. Everyone just seems so much more relaxed and happy. NO ONE is relaxed or happy during the winter. It is cold and MISERABLE!!! I mean really...how many pairs of socks do I gotta put on to feel my toes again????

Ugh...i hate winter because it is sad and depressing. In honor of my sad sad heart, a little Ben Harper.

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  1. Hey Natasha, I came across your blog and love it! I totally have to agree with this post...I am a SUMMER girl for sure!! Though I will say I do love the holidays, Christmas especially. But a big boooo on winter.