Wednesday, February 9, 2011

...Frost Bite


Thursday, February 3, 2011

...a day for the everyday

SNOW DAY part 3 started with an unexpected epiphany. I tuned in to the Today show to miss most of it, but was in time for the Hoda and Kathy Lee Show. I wasn't paying attention, but noticed them both entering the stage wearing heavy coats, scarves, and hats. THEN...they started to take it all off. Hoda humorously, but appropriately took off the layers of accessories while Kathy Lee dramatically and sensually took it all off.

It was humorous, but then I studied both ladies.
I then looked at Mary doing the dishes.
I looked back at the screen and the lightbulb went off.

"Mary. I'm Hoda and you're Kathy Lee."

My new epiphany conspired to this:

We got out our summer attire for this winter pic!!
(That's Hoda and Kathy Lee on the screen.)

After realizing how cold we were we started our SNOW DAY, part 3, activity! New window treatments!!

Mary became Drill Bit Mary for the day!

Allison is a great addition to the house because she loves to decorate and help! Let's be honest...I pretty much wandered the internet and helped for about 2 minutes each window. Just think. Without my 8 minutes of help, the windows wouldn't look like this!

To celebrate this beautiful victory, Mary and I went to the gym. We returned home, showered, did some reading, then realized we had nothing at the house to eat. After some thinking [and vodka] Mary fixed some soup she found, and we baked some nachos avec CHEESE, REFRIED BEANS, AND SALSA.

Just like momma made, and I helped!

Oh, and did you know that all of Tejas has been experiencing the rolling blackouts? Did you know that we purchased electricity from Mehico? I decided to help Tejas save some $Bens...'s your friend

Snow Day, Part 2, involved cleaning. I know...not as exciting, but in this household there is no such thing as a boring chore. We vacuumed the fans, swept and mopped the floors, washed the baseboards, AND....drum roll please.........................CHANGED THE AIR FILTER!!!! The last time it was changed was about 2 years ago. Oops...

After cleaning Mary did some homework, Allison did work for her non-profit, Ndoto, and I got some reading done. Actually, I think this was pre-cleaning because I insisted we watch Ellen during cleaning hour. During Ellen we found out the GLORIOUS news of SNOW DAY PART 3!!!!! We may have spastically engaged in a dance party to a little Flo Rida aka, Florida.

(Allison was representing south Irving and Mary was paying tribute to the Hockadaisies.)

We then ventured out to the depot of homes for a new window treatment activity for SNOW DAY PART 3.

We also swung by the local Albertons for limes (gotta have a SNOW DAY vodka tonic!), bananas, and of course...USA TODAY's ROYAL WEDDING OF CATHERINE MIDDLETON & PRINCE WILLIAM!

Whilst I was picking up the valuables, Mary red boxed ( is now a verb), The Kids are Alright. Excellent movie...if you don't try to figure out the movie, it has fun twists and turns!

I ended my SNOW DAY with my dear Japana!

For those who are out in nasty winter weather...remember...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Now, a Texas snow doesn't actually include snow. It revolves around icy and nasty roads. I was awakened at 05:30 by a phone call from Hockaday informing me that we were closed!!! My roommates were also blessed by the nasty Texas winter. Here is how we celebrated this special holiday.

Mary made us Snow Day Blueberry Muffins!

We were going to venture out in the snow, but only made it to the front step.
Allison is our new roomie! I think she's realized how lucky she is to live avec Mary et moi!
(Especially on a SNOW DAY.)

I was going to read, but with all the festivities I couldn't sit down long enough to actually focus!


Now, apparently eating butter with fresh from the oven muffins is a grand idea...EXCEPT when it's the SmartOne butter with olive oil. The oil turns the butter into "brie butter." We had to cut the crust off to get to the butter. YUCK, but ever so tasty! :)
(Don't tell Paula Dean she might be onto something with adding butter to life.)

After getting a little claustrophobic we decided to go see The Kings Speech at the local theater.

It was a good one-time see. I'm not gonna lie...I got a little bored in the middle, BUT, I'm PICKY about my movie choices. Everyone else has RAVED about the movie. So, go see it!

Did I tell you our Romanian friend, Melissa, joined us for the movie????
Just joshin...she's all American. Her apartment has a gate that faces the movie theater, so she bundled up and walked to our SNOW DAY MOVIE OUTING.

As we were exiting we spotted a bucket list item.

That's right!!!


2 words to describe our experience.


I am currently sitting in bed (ON SNOW DAY 2) listening to my Pandora station Street Corner Symphony. If you didn't watch The Sing Off you're seriously missing out!

This one is just the song CREEP.

This is a compilation of a majority of their performances on the show.

Happy SNOW DAY part 2! :)