Thursday, February 3, 2011

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SNOW DAY part 3 started with an unexpected epiphany. I tuned in to the Today show to miss most of it, but was in time for the Hoda and Kathy Lee Show. I wasn't paying attention, but noticed them both entering the stage wearing heavy coats, scarves, and hats. THEN...they started to take it all off. Hoda humorously, but appropriately took off the layers of accessories while Kathy Lee dramatically and sensually took it all off.

It was humorous, but then I studied both ladies.
I then looked at Mary doing the dishes.
I looked back at the screen and the lightbulb went off.

"Mary. I'm Hoda and you're Kathy Lee."

My new epiphany conspired to this:

We got out our summer attire for this winter pic!!
(That's Hoda and Kathy Lee on the screen.)

After realizing how cold we were we started our SNOW DAY, part 3, activity! New window treatments!!

Mary became Drill Bit Mary for the day!

Allison is a great addition to the house because she loves to decorate and help! Let's be honest...I pretty much wandered the internet and helped for about 2 minutes each window. Just think. Without my 8 minutes of help, the windows wouldn't look like this!

To celebrate this beautiful victory, Mary and I went to the gym. We returned home, showered, did some reading, then realized we had nothing at the house to eat. After some thinking [and vodka] Mary fixed some soup she found, and we baked some nachos avec CHEESE, REFRIED BEANS, AND SALSA.

Just like momma made, and I helped!

Oh, and did you know that all of Tejas has been experiencing the rolling blackouts? Did you know that we purchased electricity from Mehico? I decided to help Tejas save some $Bens...

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