Thursday, February 3, 2011's your friend

Snow Day, Part 2, involved cleaning. I know...not as exciting, but in this household there is no such thing as a boring chore. We vacuumed the fans, swept and mopped the floors, washed the baseboards, AND....drum roll please.........................CHANGED THE AIR FILTER!!!! The last time it was changed was about 2 years ago. Oops...

After cleaning Mary did some homework, Allison did work for her non-profit, Ndoto, and I got some reading done. Actually, I think this was pre-cleaning because I insisted we watch Ellen during cleaning hour. During Ellen we found out the GLORIOUS news of SNOW DAY PART 3!!!!! We may have spastically engaged in a dance party to a little Flo Rida aka, Florida.

(Allison was representing south Irving and Mary was paying tribute to the Hockadaisies.)

We then ventured out to the depot of homes for a new window treatment activity for SNOW DAY PART 3.

We also swung by the local Albertons for limes (gotta have a SNOW DAY vodka tonic!), bananas, and of course...USA TODAY's ROYAL WEDDING OF CATHERINE MIDDLETON & PRINCE WILLIAM!

Whilst I was picking up the valuables, Mary red boxed ( is now a verb), The Kids are Alright. Excellent movie...if you don't try to figure out the movie, it has fun twists and turns!

I ended my SNOW DAY with my dear Japana!

For those who are out in nasty winter weather...remember...


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