Sunday, December 19, 2010 social life

This past week has dragged on work-wise, but has FLOWN by social-wise! Let's start with Monday night:

A few years ago I spent a couple months in Southern Sudan, and this past week Bishop Taban, from S.Sudan, was in town! Some friends gathered for dinner and prayer for him and Sudan. It was a precious time together.

Tuesday (drum roll please....) was my day of birth!! It was a great day of feeling cared for! :) My day started with a happy bday from my roommate, and some awesome presents! I headed for work and was greeted with more bday wishes and lots of presents and cards on my desk! Total surprise and made me feel special. :) I was also surprised (but not really when he called to ask for my work address) by BIRTHDAY FLOWERS!!! They came in a cute little basket with a bear and chocolate. And 5 days later they're still kickin! After work I met Mary, Allison, and Steven at Cafe Istanbul for a delish bday dinner, and then we headed to Rise for bday dessert! All in all I had a FABULOUS time celebrating me!!! I'm not gonna lie...I don't like the holiday season cuz it makes me kinda sad, so I'm usually in a funk when my bday to roles Tuesday's celebration helped bring me out of it. THANKS FRIENDS!!

Wednesday night I went to a surprise engagement party. My dear, dear Katy Roffino will be Mrs. Bryce Nieman!!!! So excited for them both!! I then quickly headed to a Xmas party at my old church, but I got there a little late and everyone started leaving. Oh presence was appreciated. :)

(They're too attractive, right???)

Thursday night I went to Jamie Eng's bachelorette party. What happened there, stays there.

Friday night my mom rented a room at the Gaylord for all of us to celebrate my bday, her bday, and xmas. My sister and her family are going to El Paso for Xmas and I'll be in Japan, so my mom wanted us to all be together at least once. We ate dinner and then hit up the Charlie Brown Ice Show. Afterwards my sister and her family let, I showered, and hit the bed. I was EXHAUSTED from my social week. The next morning my parents and I enjoyed breakfast by the "river."

All in all it was a great week! I'm glad it is over because I'm officially on HOLIDAY BREAK FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last night Mary and I through a fancy Christmas party, and then tomorrow I leave for a trip!!! How was the party? Where am I going?? Stay tuned my dears...stayed tuned...

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