Wednesday, December 29, 2010

...a White Xmas

Greetings my is a quick update on what I've been up to:

Xmas day started with AWESOME presents and Jana cooking pancakes. While she cooked Robert may or may not have let me try on his flak jacket. When the cats away the mice will play!! :)

After breakfast we hung around the house then headed to his Warrant Officer's house for dinner. There was good food, good drinks, and met interesting and fun people Robert works with.

The following day we went to church then headed to lunch at a traditional Japanese restaurant. The food was excellent, but sitting on the floor in a skirt wasn't all that it's cracked up to be. After lunch we headed home to pack for our trip to Okuma, Japan which is the northern part of the island. We stayed 2 nights at a military resort up there, and the 1st night we ate at this excellent Japanese restaurant where I had to cook my own food at the table!! I don't even cook at home!

It was fun, different, and DELISH!

The next day the 3 of us headed to Cape Hedo, which is the most northern part of the island and GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bird, bird, bird...Bird is the word.

After Cape Hedo we grabbed lunch and ventured over to Hiji Falls. It was an adventure hiking through the greenery and STAIRS. (My calves still hurt.)

(Jana is a photographer and I'm waiting to get her photos. I'm ok with mooching from time to time.)

The following day we left Okuma and headed back home. Robert had to work, so Jana and I went shopping. Then that night the 3 of us went to the zoo to see Christmas lights!!!!!!

The zoo parking was BEYOND packed, and let's just say 30min of following men in orange vests waiving blinking batons, we found ourselves parking at a nearby middle school soccer field. We then stood in a line to get on a shuttle that took us to the zoo. We had about 30min until the zoo closed...Oops!

Oh, and apparently Hello Kitty is the only thing that "Can Stop Christmas."

All in all the zoo was a lot of fun and exciting to watch the many families interact with each other and the holiday festivities. Stay tuned for more!!

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