Thursday, December 23, 2010

...toes and oceans 2 is over and it was fabulous! Jana and I started with a morning walk around base. It is so pretty out here!!! Okinawa is about 60miles wide and gloriously beautiful!!! The weather is also excellent this time of year. After our walk we came home to get ready for our pedicures. We went from janky to glorious in 2 hours.

I hadn't done my toes since September because I knew I was getting them done in December with Jana. Jana got poinsettias and I got a glittery gold w/ black paisley pattern. It's amazing how detailed and quick the ladies were!!

We then met up Robert for lunch at the Hearth Cafe right off the seawall. The fish here is usually sashimi which has been ridiculously fresh and delectable! Let's just say this pescetarian is in heaven!

Ok, I DO NOT like this photo b/c I look like a tool, but Jana thought it was hilarious b/c it looks like I'm trying to drink from my straw. However, I am including this b/c the beverage pictured is FRESH GUAVA JUICE. If the chair I was in had been flimsy I would have toppled over from the quality of this bev. If I could, I would throw 10 thumbs up to this tasty liquid.

I will include this darling photo of Jana and Robert with our scrumptious banana with chocolate dessert. We sat out on the patio right by the ocean. It was glorious. We also sat next to this puppy who's tongue was permanently stuck to the side of its face. At least that's what it looked like.

Before leaving we took some photo opts of the old seawall before they started tearing it down. They are building a new one to create a wider road. Practical, yet sad they're ripping down quality history.

Beautiful much????

I do, however, have some tragic news for you. Are you sitting down? Make sure the box of tissues are nearby.

From all the up and down on the sea wall, and my spiritual gift of clumsiness, I shattered my toenail polish. (on the big toe)

Moment of silence...

I do need you to focus on my pinky toe. Notice the lack-of nail. I don't get pedis much, so watching the technician's reaction to this lack-of is my favorite part of getting pampered. I remember once the guy spent about 15 min trying to file, cut, ect this sad excuse for a nail. So, I was beyond impressed with this technician. She kept the nail long. [I don't like long nails on fingers or toes, but in this case I'll make the exception.] She PAINTED A DESIGN on this tiny canvas!!!!! I made sure to compliment her talents, and she giggled and agreed with my lack-of nail.

It is currently Christmas Eve Morning, and Jana just mentioned Christmas Eve Mimosas. I'm off to celebrate in my pjs!!

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