Monday, January 3, 2011


Guess who's home?! After 3 plane changes I taxied home around 1am, and crawled into bed around 2am. I don't want to board another plane for quite some time!!!! (Yet, realistically I'm already trying to figure out my next trip.)

My last few days in Japan were packed with fun and friends. One afternoon Jana and I headed down to Naha, the largest city on Okinawa, to do some shopping. We didn't really purchase anything, but we did some wandering. I realized that i LOVE to wander in unfamiliar cities. My favorite part of Paris and London were the hours I spent just roaming around and taking in the sites. It was fun to watch the interactions of person to person as they go about their day. The normalcy of their day is foreign to me, and so fascinating to observe.

We rang in the New Year at Jana & Robert's friends' house. The house was located in town at the top of a mountain which resulted in a GLORIOUS balcony view of the city. It was night so all you could see were the twinkling lights below, and the vast darkness beyond was the ocean. HOW COOL????? I've been keeping a list of what I want my house in heaven to look like. Jesus, *hint hint* and a *nudge nudge*

(Sorry for the lack of photos, I forgot my camera, so I'm waiting to get pictures from Jana.)

My last night in Okinawa was spent with a karaoke machine. It didn't even occur to me to karaoke in Japan!! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Real mature Jana...
(Sorry Bobby!)

From just THIS night, I had to filter through 133 pictures. So these are just the tip of the iceberg! Excellent first night of 2011 and even better last night in Oki!!

The next day was filled with sleeping in, packing, then a little adventurous dinner! We hit up this quaint Persian Restaurant to realize we got there 30min before they opened, so we wandered around the beach.

I mean for real...can it seriously be any prettier???????

After killing time we headed back for an excellent last meal in Okinawa. They didn't have any veg options, so I asked for a meal with no beef. The lady asked if I was vegetarian, so I think she cooked a meal specially for me. The restaurant was tiny, with one cook in a kitchen probably smaller than your kitchen. So our meals were definitely made with love, and it tasted like it too! (I don't think I had one bad meal in Okinawa.)

After dinner we headed to the airport where saying goodbye to Jana and Robert I got a little choked up. (don't tell them) So the fact that it took 30 min to just get my tickets was a good/frustrating distraction. I'm not complaining because I ended up getting on an earlier flight from Cali to Texas, so I didn't have to deal with an 8 hour layover. THANK YOU JESUS. :)

Some fun fair well photos.

And Japan makes my, Countries I've Visted List, lucky number 13.
Thanks Whites, I had a blast!!! :)

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