Tuesday, June 15, 2010

...bread, tea, and football!

Hello dear friends!

Sorry I've been MIA. I'm using my friend's internet, and I don't wanna spend to much time on here. Here is a brief update!

I enjoyed my time in Paris and was sad to leave. I ended up spending the last couple days with new friends, and good time just sitting and reading at Sacre Coure. If I could build a mini Sacre Coure in my backyard...i totally would! Friday afternoon I left my hostel to venture back to the airport. Sadly, it still took me 2 hours to get there, BUT it was because of all the stops and waiting around. So yay for me!!!!

After a couple flights and clearing, a frustrating, customs I made it to Mombasa!! My sweet friend, Jackie picked me up and we've just been relaxing. Saturday evening I joined her for dinner and life discussion with some friends. Since then I've been enjoying meeting all her friends and playing with the neighborhood kids. I've enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere here. I've read a book in 1 day! That's always a great sign of relaxation. :)

Jackie has been feeding me well. There are SO many yumm breads here like, CHAPATI!! (Indian flatbread.) Also, I usually enjoy one cup of tea at home, here I have it a few times a day. We've also capped each night off with watching the World Cup. Americans out there...it is so much more interesting than American Football!! It is also fun coming together and talking about it, or hearing others talk about it.

I love how it unites the world...even more so than the Olympics.

Anyways...sorry no pictures. Hope you're doing well!!!


  1. Yea Tashies!!! I miss you! Glad you are having fun!

  2. Bring me back some of that bread, sister! Sidenote: because of YOU, I have studiously avoided the Nuthins boxes in the grocery store.

    As for "futbol," I would find it infinitely more interesting if the ball was giant, a la the ball a bear dances on at the circus.