Thursday, June 3, 2010 passport!

Dearest Readers,
So...this Sunday I'm leaving for a mini trip.

I start out in Paris, France, from June 6 - June 11.
June 12 - June 26 I'll be in Mombasa, Kenya.
I then finish up with June 27 - July 2 in London.
Mini trip = overseas extravaganza!!!!! :)

My goal is to TRY and keep up with this blog whilst I'm away. If I don't I'll give you a little update when I get back. I'm very excited!!

In Paris I will be spending some time at Picasso's house, Monet's house, creperies, Sacre Coure, and Champs Elysees!!!!

Mombasa I will be spending some sweet time with a friend, and (hopefully) lots of time on the beach. :)

London I will be spending time with my Aunt & Uncle and their children and grand-daughter. I'm excited to see them...its been too long!

I'll do my best to keep up with this blog...but it is dependent on the free availability of the internets.

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