Thursday, June 10, 2010


Tuesday morning I woke up to the lovely sounds of constructions. The hostel I'm in is currently doing renovations which happen to be on my floor. Which is actually good because I'd probably sleep most of the day.

Anyways, I get up and decide to visit the Champs Elysèes. I courageously navigate my way through the metro to find myself at my actual destination!! I exit the metro with fabulous shopping to my left, and to my left the Arc de Triomphe with a mob! Naturally I made my way over to watch the blue scrub wearing activist yell things in French, blow horns, hold signs, and pass out flyers. I overhear 2 older scottish women analyze the situation. I butt in and they kindly inform me these are frustrated doctors taking a stand against the financial cuts the government is making.

As you can see there is a nice audience to watch this scene. I stepped back to get a better look, and I'm glad I did! All of a sudden the whole crowd is stampeding towards me! I watch them pass me rubbing their eyes and coughing the words, "tear gas." NO WAY!! I've never been anywhere with tear gas! I had my big fancy shades on, so I wasn't effected, but I could start to taste it in the air. I can't imagine having that stuff actually in my eyes and mouth.

I apologize for the unasthetic appeal, but I can't seem to get this right and time is ticking.

These are pictures from after the tear gas. If you look on this picture to the left, you'll see a white sheet on the top of the Arc. That was a great plan that failed. The doctors had surprise people at the top pop up and drop this HUGE banner, that I'm sure had a powerful statement on it. Yet, sadly due to the windy weather, and lack of weights on the cloth banner, it stayed rolled up. I waited around hoping they would get it figured out; but after a few more failed attempts, I left for my shopping spree. I am currently wearing a new shirt. :)

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  1. awesome, Tash! i bet you'll never forget that experience!