Thursday, June 24, 2010

...24 hours

I officially have 1 day left in Mombasa, so I crammed as much as I could into yesterday. I finally made it out to the beach. For some reason the beach always take my breath away. The vastness of the horizon rejuvinates my soul for some reason. My new friend, Brenda, took me to a beach near her home. We walked up and down the beach. We did a little shopping, rode a camel, and did some people watching. It was a beatiful day!!

We came back and met up with Jackie in town. From there I went to get a pedi!! We got to the salon and found out the whole area was in a blackout. I decided to go ahead with the pedi,the lady enjoys her leisure! I realized about 30 minutes in I could no longer see my magazine. It was getting really dark, so the owner tried the lights and voila!! Let there be electricity! :) My quick pedi ended up being 2 AMAZING HOURS!!!

After turning to jello from my more than perfect pedi I enjoyed a bollywood flick with my new friend Sajiid! We watched 3 Idiots...its a great movie. The subtitles didn't work all the time, so Sajiid had to pause quite a bit to make sure I understood. Luckily I'm a genius and could figure out the jist of what was going on.

Overall yesterday was great! My time here has been relaxing and fun. I've enjoyed getting to know everyone here...I'm sad I have to leave though. Today (Friday) is my last day, and there was talk about hanging out at the lighthouse. I'll let you know what we end up doing. :)

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  1. "luckily im a genius and could figure out the gist..."