Tuesday, June 8, 2010

...my hostel


I've been in Paris for a day now and have spent about 12 hours lost. First I land in Paris and it takes me forever to find the train that will take me to my hostel. When I finally find it and go to the machine to purchase my ticket, I learn my card doesn't work. After trying a couple machines a kind man offers some help. I gave him my money and he purchased my ticket. He then told me about the different trains and which one I needed. A few minutes later a few ladies approached me asking about the trains. I paused thinking my new friend would chime in. He did not, so I answered the questions and they believed me!! I'm like I pro. I'm pretty sure I have found my new profession.

I get on my train which takes me to my destination, or so I thought. First I ask someone that works there how to exit. He tells me to get on the M5. I prend to till I don't see him. I then find a wall map which was of no help. I ask the local, armed, guard. He was of no help nor his 2 other guard buddies that gathered around. Finally a business man new exactly where I was headed and wrote directions for me. I follow his directions which don't lead me to my hostel. I'm guessing it has been a while since he traveled this area. After asking a few other random strangers I finally reach my destination!! It only took 2 hours. (Insert sarcasm)
I settle in to find out I'm in a single room by myself. I'm kinda bummed but am ok with the peace.

Here is room, my view, and my sink.

After settling in I wandered to find...

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