Sunday, June 20, 2010 dancing shoes

Last night Jackie, myself, and 4 others went out for karaoke!! I'm usually not a fan of karaoke but last night turned out to be a ton of fun! We all ended up singing a few songs together, and a couple people sang songs on there own!! (Brave souls!) A favorite moment of the night was when this stylish lady went up to sing. Her name was Stella, and she had an elaborate halter top on with her skinny, white, jeans, and super high heels. Her hair was short, but had plenty of flair, so with this swag we expected her to belt out some good notes. The DJ started her song and within the first note she had us hooked!!! Her singing was as fabulous as a car cash. It was so nasely it was hard to keep the laughter at bay. Even the DJ cringed when she would hit high notes! I know, I know...I'm being mean, but I had to share.

There were 2 sisters there with their mom, and they sang a couple rap songs. These ladies were actually fun and entertaining!!! We all became friends with them...especially on the dance floor! That's right friends!!! After karaoke another DJ came and we hit the dancefloor! All this was happening at a nice hotel about 20ish minutes from where we're staying. There weren't too many people there because of the World Cup. There was a group of, what looked like Americans along with a scattering of locals. My favorite was this random tall, old man who would just shuffle along by himself. At one point everyone was dancing to Shakira's, "Time for Africa" song of the World Cup.

So, we're all singing and dancing to the song when everything stops and its dark and silent. BLACKOUT!! The guys we're with take out their phones to use as flashlights, they continue the song, and we all keep dancing. WELCOME TO AFRICA!!! :)

A few minutes later the generator kicked in and we were back in business. It was a fun night that ended in us going home to a blackout. :)

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  1. Karaoke really does unite the world, doesn't it, Tashies?!?!? :)