Saturday, June 5, 2010


Sadly, my body is use to waking up as a responsible adult which means I was up around 530 this morning. I tried sleeping in, but the sun strategically poked through my blinds. I rolled out of bed around 630 and decided to figure out what all I needed for my trip. While I was creating a schedule for my outfits I watched the Patriot Act movie on Hulu. Here is a trailer for it:

(I didn't always agree with what they were saying and I got frustrated watching, but I like seeing life from all perspectives. Especially when it ruffles feathers.)

During the movie I decided this is what I'm going to take.
It doesn't seem like much because its not. I plan to do some shopping, and I plan to leave stuff behind to make room for my new wardrobe!

After refolding and re-rolling my clothes I got everything to fit! My goal is to not check in luggage, so this is it!!

After that I was invited to go to a Rangers game for I went and even though I sweated like a beast, I had a fun time!! I came home, showered and watched Amelie to prep for France.

My high school french teacher told us about this movie, and it is still a top favorite of mine! So check it out at your local Netflix or Blockbuster. I'm pretty sure Redbox won't be carrying this movie.

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  1. Great job packing!!!!
    I'll miss you, but am so excited to keep up with you on the get committed!