Sunday, June 27, 2010

...a nutshell

Hello Hello!!

I am currently in London on my Aunt & Uncle's couch watching the Argentina vs Mexico game. is a quick update of the past couple of days.

Friday was great! I hung out with Jackie and her friends during the day. THEN, that night, Jackie, myself, and 2 other fun friends went out for the night. First we went to this yummy bakery for some sweets, and then headed to the Lighthouse. The lighthouse is this strip right by the ocean where you can get fresh chips, coconuts, and other goodies. We enjoyed some coconut water whilst gazing at the gorgeous night sky! I love the beach and can't imagine growing tired of the sights! We then purchased some delish chips (they fry up casava or potato chips right there!). We then headed over to a bar to watch the futball games. They had both games going on different screens, which was fun to watch with others. After the game we headed home around midnight. I stayed up to pack, and finally slept around 1:30am. As soon as I closed my eyes it was time to get up and leave. My new friend Sajiid came at 6am to take me to the airport, and let us fast forward to 8:30am...I'm in the air.

Fast forward another 10ish hours and I'm in London!! YAY!!!

Today, Sunday, my aunt cooked lunch and had her kids come over along with a cousin of her's. Lunch was delish!! Shrimp and salmon curry...Mmmm indeed!! (Curry is pretty much the key to my heart.) After lunch we watched a futball match, then my aunt and I took a stroll around the neighbourhood. It is about 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a rather hot summer for this part of town. Which makes me a little nervous to go back to Dallas to triple digits!!

So, that is the past 3 days in a nutshell. Tomorrow we're going into the city, so I'll try to update with pictures!!

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