Sunday, July 4, 2010 albums

Hello hello!! I'm back!

I came back Friday afternoon and I think I've beat the jetlag. Except for the fact that I wake up at 6am. With my early rise I thought I would put up some of my favorite pictures from each country. Enjoy!!

I met a couple girls from London, and the 3 of us ventured out to the Louvre. Me in front of the Louvre, and another of me inside.

I went to Sacre Coeur many times and enjoyed the beautiful weather, and the live entertainment! This guy is from Italy and he tours different countries playing his music. He was actually really good!

I also ran across the amazing antique perfume bottle shop. I went inside and they had new bottles and a ton of kitschy bottles. There were bottles shaped like bow ties, light bulbs, and the fancy kind with the big puff on the end.

I love Mombasa for the gorgeous sight!

This is a tuke-tuke, one of the ways people get around the city if they don't have a car. Another way is a Matatu which is a taxi van that goes around the city.

The best part of being in Mombasa was meeting new friends! Jackie was the only person I knew, but I spent my 2 weeks meeting new people, and here are a couple of them! My last night there the 4 of us went down to the ocean and hung out. It was a fun last night. :)

I spent a lot of time with family which was excellent, but I also spent some time wandering London. One day I went to the Tate Modern Museum and enjoyed some great modern art!

Another day I went to a different part of London and spent the day going to different gardens eating lunch and reading. Between gardens little treasures were BUCKINGHAM PALACE!!

There were many other little treasures, but those were some of the highlights. Thanks for following me on my journey!! I'm already planning my next trip. :)

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