Friday, July 23, 2010


Since I've still got some weeks till school is back I have decided to spend my time trying out Yoga. I've done a few classes in college and I have even tried DVDs, so now I wanted to try hot box yoga. I've seen signs for it and a friend mentioned it, so I thought spending $10 for 10 days of yoga was worth it. I have been to 4 classes and am slowly growing to love love love it! Why? I'm glad you asked.

1. Hot box means it is 90 - 98.6 degrees F w/ 50% - 60% Humidity. I love heat and sweating, so its a win-win!
2. It is super intense, but standing on one leg, whilst holding the other leg, bent over, hopping, and eating with chopsticks makes it a great challenge that actually gets the heart-rate up and your muscles working.
3. I love Sunstone Yoga (where I'm taking classes) because it is diverse. There are young, old, newbies, experts, ranges of ethnicities, and everyone is nice. There is no judgment if you can't do a pose.
4. The instructors are excellent!!
5. It is easy to make yoga buddies!!! I have 2 new friends already. :)


Today I was in class when 2 tall men came in and set up in the back. They looked familiar, but I shrugged it off. I kept catching them in the mirror and thinking, "maybe I went to college with them." I also thought one of them dated a friend of mine. I couldn't help but look at them b/c I couldn't figure out how I knew them!! It was driving me nuts.

After class I was talking with a new yoga buddy about her experience with the classes she has taken. She gave me some great advice, and as we were leaving she asked me if I noticed Tony Romo and Jason Witten in the class. I clapped my hands with an "ah ha!!" I knew they looked familiar!
These boys may know how to throw a ball, but I think I'm more flexible then them...well at least better than Romo.


  1. What happened to no judgment?!?! ;)

    Love it!!! And love all your reasons for loving yoga! You forgot to mention about the part where you just get to lay there at the end! I love that!!!

  2. LOVE IT!! I do yoga at my gym and we don't have any famous people! And it's not diverse either: just me and old people. That's what I get for doing yoga during the day, I suppose. :)