Friday, September 10, 2010


Hey friends,

As you know there has been talk of people (sadly, Christians) wanting to burn the Koran tomorrow. They're all closed-minded, dumbasses in my opinion b/c they're putting people in my friend who lives in Afghanistan. Below is part of an email he sent,

Our team has been warned by our friends and coworkers that if something like that were to happen, our lives could be in danger. In fact, one candidate in the upcoming election has called for the killing on sight of Americans if Korans are burned. As of this afternoon, at least two @fghans have already died in a large demonstration protesting the planned Koran burnings in the capital of the neighboring province. Right now, things are very tense here with the killings of the 10 people last month, and the elections next week, and the video from a couple months ago, as well as the collapse of the country's biggest bank, not to mention the largest holiday of the year that began today.

So please pray that clarity will be seen on both sides. Here is a link that talks about endagering our troops. Feel free to discuss your opinion on all this.

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