Friday, April 22, 2011

...Good Friday Couch Post

It is currently 09:51, Friday morning. I should be at work, but I spent my night ralphing in trashcans, and other non-entertaining events happened in the water closet. I'm laying on the couch watching Al Roker make Peep wreaths. Riveting!! it's Hoda & Kathy trying fried peeps.

Anywho...I thought I would update you on some dear loved ones in my life.

Firstly, Jana (from Japan) came to Dallas for about 6 weeks to participate in weddings and baby births.

We all love Jana, so it's always a joyous event when she's in the same timezone as me. :)

One of the weddings Jana came in town for was our dear college roomie, Ashlee!

A fun bride with her bmaids photo, and then the crazy gorgeous Mr. & Mrs. Langevin!

Next, we have our 4th roomie, Becca, who couldn't make it to the wedding because she was super preggo!! A few weeks after the wedding she had her sweet baby boy, Jonathan Cole.

The proud parents with their new son.

The girls and I drove down to Corpus for the weekend to see Becca and her son.

♥ Me with my new little nephew! :) good friends Steven and Allison had their little man on Tuesday!!!

Allison ended up being 10 days late...Allison you deserve a million dollars for carrying him around those extra days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Sweet Eli Quinn!!!!

Gotta love the different chapters in life. It is always weird to think that we're all getting older and actually moving forward. I sometimes wish I could do college again because it was the right mix of independence without all the responsibility. Then I remember having to write papers...

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