Monday, July 4, 2011

Carib Girls Night Out

The other night I sent my friend, Dieula, a text to see what she was doing.  A little later we had plans to head over to Jamaican Gates for a little island fun.  We got there and saw that our old friend, Sing Kumba, was the performer for the night!  He started making eye contact with us, and next thing we knew he was sitting with us during his break.

Sing Kumba claims he remembered us from Taste of the Islands (the other restaurant we saw him at), but I highly (get it?) doubt he remembers.

After chatting for some time we took some photos, and he taught us the rasta peace sign!  I didn't know this was an actual thing, until our server confirmed that Sing Kumba wasn't making it up.

During SK's break he was drinking, Mount Teman Roots, to help with his libido.  He and our server said its a natural beverage with lots of great health benefits.  I'm assuming this is true since our server was pretty cute.

All in all it was a great chill night with great a friend, with new friends, and fantastic food & music.  
Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights!

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