Wednesday, March 14, 2012

13.1 Miles to Freedom

For those of you that follow me on social media, you are aware of the half marathon I've decided to take on.  I once wanted to run a half, but was too scared of failing that I kind of gave up on the dream.  (I also got lazy with running and stopped for a few years.)

Well...I'm back!  This past January I, randomly, decided to start running again.  I truly had no motive other than, I need to work out, and because I can run...I will.  I started just running on the treadmills at the gym, then I started running outside.  I wanted to get back to running 5 miles on the weekends...only because I can.  One February, day I decided to run with a friend of mine, Jennifer, who is an avid marathon runner.  After about a month of running I was running 4 miles with Jen.  (I didn't think anything of it...cuz running IS a lot to do with your physical body, BUT even more so...its mental.) During and even after our run Jen commented at how good I was, especially for being back at running in just a month.  (When I say running...i really mean jogging...I jog an 11 min mile)

The following week I decided to try 5 miles on for size.  WELP...I did it, and bragged to thing I knew...she was convincing me train for the half marathon.  I wasn't sure if I could do it, cuz in the past, 5 miles would have me limping and napping all day, but I wasn't sore or sleepy!  So, I figured I had some magical jogging gene that I needed to let loose.

March 25th, I'm running the Rock and Roll Half-Marathon here in Dallas.  I was hesitant to run cuz its a little out of my price range to sign up, but Jen's husband signed up and is unable to participate, can call me Scott on race day. :)  (THANKS AGAIN JEN & SCOTT)

Since, I'm not breaking the bank to run...I thought this would be a wonderful way to raise awareness and money for an effective and trustworthy NGO! (Non Government Organization)  I've created a campaign page for people (that means you :) to donate money to International Justice Mission.  IJM is an NGO that works to free victims of human trafficking.  They train and set up locals to go into businesses, brothels, etc to free victims of this appalling form of slavery.

Victims of human trafficking include women and children being sold as sex slaves, women and children being sold to work, there is bonded labor, child soldiers, and the list goes on.  (Visit the state site for a more in depth description.) 

No matter what...this is inhumane and needs to be stopped.  IJM is a legit organization, and I would be honored if you would join me in supporting them financially, if you can, or prayerfully.  These men, women, and children need to be bathed in prayers.  Some will be freed and some will die where they are...pray that they feel and know God is with them.  Below is the link to my page where you can learn more about IJM, and there is a "DONATE" button if you wish to contribute.

Can't wait to post the results of my race and campaign!

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  1. Godspeed to you with the running! I'm glad you're supporting IJM, I love them and have been supporting them as well!