Thursday, March 17, 2011

...Something Blue

Greetings from sunny Barbados!

My stay in Guyana was excellent. It included family, friends, and LOTS of rain. BUT...getting there was a PAIN!!

Saturday morning my sweet roomie, Mary, took me to the airport, I got my tickets, and found my gate. As we (the other passengers & I) were waiting to board we were informed the flight was OVERBOOKED. The gate agent proceeded to ask for volunteers, and I figured since my flight from JFK wasn't till 1am I could afford to take a later flight. Since I volunteered I was given a flight voucher enough for a free domestic flight and a lunch voucher for the day! This was an excellent return for giving up my seat, except I didn't get to hang with my friend Jason and that day was the LONGEST of my life!! Instead of 2 plane changes it was 3. This doesn't sound horrible, but trust's hell!

Dallas to Detroit to New York to Guyana. On the leg from NY to GY I was surprised with FIRST CLASS!!!! I felt so fancy and high class!!! I also felt like I needed to explain to each person in coach that my seat was changed. That I didn't pay for the seat. That this was my first time. That I totally didn't expect this, and that I would totally be sitting with them, but my seat was given away. I know I [secretly] judge those in FC, and I didn't wanna be judged either. Nevertheless, when in rome! I used my REAL pillow and REAL blanket. I enjoyed my champagne, and savored my first class omelet breakfast with....STAINLESS STEAL SILVERWARE!

$High dolla classy...High Dolla$

To role with my new High Class lifestyle here are some images from my day today.
This is where I'm's super cute and right by the water!My rawesome room!! It has an excellent breeze!!

Now enjoy some beach-sides-views:

I got my beach-side nap!
Over And Out!

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  1. Looks awesome!!!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!!!