Friday, November 11, 2011


It's 11-11-11.

Babies are being born.
People are getting married.
Veterans are being honored.
An emotional day for our country and world.

So, today is a great day to update you all in a chapter of my life.

After my last blog I did some serious thinking about the UAE and being overseas in general.  If I were to get this job most of my time would be spent in the classroom, physically and mentally. For me, teaching is a 24/7 job.  I spend a lot of time setting up and breaking down the classroom, I spend a lot of time grading, and I spend a lot of time trying to sleep.  I enjoy teaching and I enjoy being with students, but I know I don't enjoy subject teaching.  Now, if I go to the UAE there wouldn't be much time to actually travel.  I know I would get summer, but I'm not sure how much time I would have in between.  I'm starting to doubt the glamor of TEACHING overseas.  If only Rick Steves needed a co-host...

After a month of being at Zara (my current place of employment) my boss offered me a promotion that includes a raise, benefits, and GROWTH.  I like learning new things and I really like the idea of growth...teaching didn't hold much room for growth.

I didn't know what to do since I had an option of a promotion that I knew was right there, or keep waiting to hear back from the UAE for an interview date I may or may not pass.  I ended up running into an old friend that really helped me process through this career decision.  Instead of typing out our conversation and my thought process...let's just say I ditched the UAE and took the promotion at Zara.

I think I picked the right option.  Zara is offering me a promotion with a pay raise, benefits, growth that can lead to me moving to different stores throughout the country and eventually to stores in other countries.  I also found out that Zara is partnered with a language learning program.  So, I can start learning Spanish and eventually French and something else if I'm feeling like an overachiever!

On the other hand...I feel like I picked the wrong decision...especially since I've spent the past 6+ months thinking I'd be living in another country.  Well, Wednesday I received this email:

Thank you for your patience and co-operation while awaiting the dates and locations of the upcoming interview sessions with the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). We have received the final schedule from our partners in Abu Dhabi and unfortunately they will not be visiting Houston.
You may be able to be considered for a August 2012 start date with ADEC depending on their needs for the upcoming school year. There are likely to be on-going interview sessions in the New Year in Houston.
I was annoyed with this program but felt a sense of contentment with moving forward as a Zara employee.  I've been working at Zara for about 3 months, and I have quickly befriended a majority of my coworkers.  I never ever saw myself in retail.  Especially as a full-time job.  WEIRD!

Currently, my mind is trying to stop flying around and park itself in Dallas.  I've been dreaming for so long about being in another country for different holidays and seasons, but I'm still gonna be here, so its taking some time to realize I'm still here.  (But let's be honest...I'm already thinking about what city my next promotion may take me too!)

I'm not sure how this post is coming across.  I'm not sure what emotion I should be feeding to you guys, or myself at that.  C'est La Vie Mon Amis!

Thanks for your support and prayers.  I see God's hand working.

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