Sunday, December 4, 2011

Turkey or St. Kitts?

It is December 4th, and GLOOMY!!!!!!!!!!  I thoroughly despise this weather.  The fact that shorts and sandals are not an immediate option makes me sad.

Which is why when my parents & I hopped on a plane to St. Kitts, I was beside myself with joy to pack ALL SHORTS and SANDALS!

Donde esta la St. Kitts??
(Animal Print??  Only cuz its trending!)


I'm not a big fan of Thanksgiving, or the holiday season in general.  (Feel free to say/think whatever you'd like about me.)  Last year I went to Portland, Oregon...remember?  So this year, I asked my parents if they would wanna go somewhere instead of sitting around eating turkey.  The results to my question:

From the Hotel:


Roommates...let's get one of these for our weather forecast!

We took a tour of St. Kitts:


We returned from the tour to this!!  Get yo dance on mon!

 Another day we took the ferry over to the island of Nevis:

After we caught our 45min(?) ferry ride, we haggled with some taxi drivers, but I (yes, i'm bragging) found us a cheaper driver for the day.  Our driver, Teach from Dominica, took us on a lovely island tour.

One of the stops included a visit to an old, slave plantation that had been refurbished into a swanky hotel.

I didn't think to take pictures of the actual pool, cabana area, or the rooms, but trust me...LOVELY!  So, here's their website, Montpelier.

 Random dog wanted to be in our family...Can you blame him?

 I took this especially for Mary...Princess Diana stayed here with William & Harry!!

Teach took us around the island, which was beautiful!  We had a late lunch and then jumped on our ferry to head back to St. Kitts.

 Waiting for the better time for a little photo shoot!

On the ferry...not picture - annoying, [drunk?], LOUD passengers sitting right next to my ear.

I forget when this was, but one night we went to dinner and took some after dinner photos.


We spent our morning on the beach, and the afternoon 'till midnight traveling back to Dallas.

All in all it was a great trip to avoid the holiday and enjoy some Vitamin D.  Favorite moment was when I asked a staff member where I could get coconut water.  (I heard you could get it at the hotel.)  He asked what pool I was at, and he would meet me there to tell me where I could buy it.  NEXT THING I KNOW, he's knocking down coconuts by my pool, asks me if I want ice, and starts pouring it in a cup for me!!!!

WELL!!  On our last day my parents & I were chillin on the beach...I ran into this same staff member, and later he came around with a huge cup of iced coconut water!  He left us another coconut for our refill.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, and that they made you feel a tad warmer!!