Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Trip!

Welp...yesterday was my last day of vacation.  I had a GLORIOUS 8 days off from work, and you know I didn't sit still those 8 days.  Well...I guess I did, physically, sit still, BUT after sitting for 7 hours (or 6? I didn't pay attention) I ended up in Corpus Christi!!

I drove down last Sunday to visit my sweet little family down south.  Back in March, Becca & Ozzie had their sweet little man, Jonathan.  (I posted when the girls and I visited him.)  I decided its been too long since I've seen him, so I went down to just chill and change diapers.

While down there I loved just hanging with Becca and Ozzie.  I only see them a couple times a year, and I'm usually with the girls, so it was nice to have them all to myself.  I ALSO got extra baby time!!  Baby J is about 2 months old and weighs 17lbs.  This is a big baby!!!  He's so squeezably cute! :)

 Nap time with his favorite Tia Tasha!

I put this toy together for him.  Its for babies 4 months and older, but we figured since Baby J is bigger he'd do fine.  Well, Becca and I busted out laughing cuz poor thing couldn't hold himself up.  We propped him up with a blanket, but yeah...he needs to wait a couple months for this toy to be beneficial for him. :)

 However, Baby J discovered his wrists!  We put these wrist rattles on, and he was entertained for quite some time.  OH, and this little man may end up a left handed hitter!

 I think this is after he left me a little gift in his diaper.  :)

Last picture is of me and the family at Niko's Restaurant!  I, seriously, had the BEST Ahi Tuna Steak here!!  They seared it a little, and it was delish!  This was a fun dinner cuz I got to spend time talking and laughing with Ozzie and Becca.  I know I've said this before, but I love love love my girls and I enjoy getting to know the men that they've each married.  I'm so happy that I LIKE their husbands!!  It would make visiting them real awkward.  So yay for no awkwardness! :)

I had a fabulously relaxing time just hanging in Corpus.  I had an even fabulous time driving to and from CC.  This surprised me...My trip to CC was my FIRST SOLO ROAD TRIP!!!  Crazy right??!!!  I suited up with a playlist for the pod, cords to attach my tunes to the airwaves, and a phone charger cuz my phone doesn't hold a charge after a couple of rings.  (I know...go get a new phone...but....I don't wanna spend the monies.)

There were only a few hours that I wished someone was there to entertain me, but I enjoyed the time to myself.  

ANYWHO...thanks Ahumadas for happily, inviting me to your home!!  Love you!!

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  1. Hmmm, 7 hours of solitude? Yes please! Love the pic of you and the baby... you look beautiful!