Saturday, November 13, 2010

...autumn tolerance

Hello Hello!!

So, I struggle with keeping up with my blog because I don't feel like much has happened lately, and I just don't enjoy this season. BUT...I just realized is NOT true!

Halloween Weekend:
I dressed up as a turtle for a friend's party that Friday. (Pictures were taken, but have not been posted via the FB. SORRY!!) The trick about this costume was the costume was designed for a dog. YUP!! It was either $50 for an adult's bee costume or $12 for a dog's turtle costume.

I then left early Saturday morning to catch my flight to Corpus Christi! Ashlee, Erin (Becca's cousin), and I flew down for Becca's mom's wedding. We also got to see Becca's baby bump!!! :)

We had a great flight and was greated by Ozzie (Becca's awesome husbano)

(Here is a pre-wedding pic of me, Becca w/ bump, Ashlee, and Erin)

Last Weekend, Nov 6th, was a celebration for my sweet roomie, Mary. We had an amazing party for her bday!! Click here for her blog post of our backyard transformation!!!!

This time of year isn't really my favorite, and it is mostly because it is cold. If you know anything about me you know I love my sunshine and triple degree weather. (I know I'm crazy) Last weekend and, now, today I have spent a lot of time outside and realized how BEAUTIFUL it is!!! So here are some reasons I will do my best to embrace and love this season.

1. Our kickass backyard, refer to Mary's post for more pictures.

2. Mary's new FIRE PIT!!!!! Fire pits make any cold night bearable.

3. New Boots!!

4. The perfect accessories! Shades, scarves, and SUNSHINE!!!

Dear Fall Season...I will accept thee, as long as you promise to not get below 50 degrees.

Dear toes are already turning blue at the thought of you.

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  1. Great post, Tashies!!! And congrats on the new camera :)