Wednesday, November 24, 2010

...Portland Day 2


Kristy and I ventured around downtown yesterday, and below you will see me in boots, jeans, a tank top, sweater, sweater jacket, a jacket/coat, scarf, AND hat. (The hat was not an accessory, it was a necessity for the ears.)


I was still able to enjoy the sights once every appendage on my body was numb and I could no longer feel how cold I was. (This summer girl is being, partially, dramatic.) We went to the mall and spent some quality time in H&M. LOVE this store and it just opened in Portland. The Lord knew I was coming, so to show my thankfulness I did some purchasing. :)

From here we hit up 23rd Street in downtown for lunch and more wanderment. (We took the train downtown and the bus to 23rd Street...i heart public transportation...less stress!!) Once on 23rd Street we found Kornblatt's New York Style Delicatessen. At least that's what it said on my warm cup of Oregon Chai Tea. We also enjoyed FREE pickles!!!

It was a small establishment which made it fun to bond with our waiter. I think he enjoyed my sarcastic wit cuz I got a little wink when we left.

After lunch we walked up and down 23rd St. to look at all the kitschy shops and boutiques. Here are some photos of the areas.

Us with a horse...a sweet/crazy man ask if we wanted him to take our photo...we obviously said yes. He started to look through the view finder when we realized it was a digital camera. AWESOME. Next is one of the side streets...let's just say Portland is beautiful!!! Lastly, we have some rather intense pigs. They each have a dog tag!!

From here we went into a vintage thrift store where we found Joe from NKOTB (which I may or may not have gasped in excitement when I saw him) AND JC from Nsync. (The thumbs down is for Torie, our Backstreet Boys lover.)

After our celeb sighting we started to walk to the bus stop when we spotted some AWESOME desserts, so we stopped for a bite. We ended up stopping at Papa Hadyn which is known for their 35 desserts! TOTALLY worth the stop! White chocolate mint torte? Don't mind if we do!

We then ran to catch the bus into town (literally ran and wave the bus driver down.) Kristy took me to Powell's bookstore, which is actually the largest used bookstore in America. The bookstore is 3 or 4 stories, well organized, and PACKED with literature of your choice! It was awesome, but the best part was this tiny room on the top floor. It is enclosed and secured because it is filled with rare books and many first editions. It had a variety of classics, but my favorite was the geography shelf. There were 2 books of Navigation and Voyages from 1598-1600 that were seriously worth, $14,000. FOR REAL??? You can see them in the picture below in the middle.

We didn't get to spend much time at Powell's because we had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner to attend with some of Mark & Kristy's friends. It was fun meeting some of their crew out here. Sweet people with cute kids.

So, that's a brief-ish summary of Tuesday. I have no clue what we're doing today because of the weather, but I'll be sure and let you know!! Thanks for reading; stay warm. :)

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