Monday, November 22, 2010

...Portland Day 1

After a 4 hour flight of NO ONE talking to me (this NEVER happens), I landed in beautiful Portland, Oregon!! After we taxied I glanced over and saw this:

Which we all know I thought to myself, "That's a shitty job." I couldn't help but take the picture.

With that dear friends Kristy and Mark came and picked me up and took me exploring! We started out searching for a place to eat...which resulted in getting a little confused.

(They just moved here, so they're still getting to know the area.)

We stopped at this quaint pizza place where I tried to score us free ranch. Didn't happen, but the clerk appreciated my gumption. From lunch (which was rather delish!!) we headed downtown to do some exploring via foot.

I felt this one was a little welcome for me! :) A little party w/ some greenery...

I know...where's my class? Maybe in his...

After getting to know the locals a little we quickly wandered our FREEZING cold selves to Voodoo Doughnuts!! I've heard of this place from either the Travel channel or the Food Network...either way...I was excited to visit this infamous shop. Kristy and I split the ever-so-famous Voodoo shaped doughnut. He had a sad face because a pretzel stick was stabbing his frosted heart. Once you tore into him he was filled with a delightful raspberry filling. Mmm...mmm...good.

After Voodoo's we headed back to the car because we realized how cold we were. We pretty much just chilled and caught up the rest of the day. Mark and Kristy then took me to a pub where you get FREE beer samples!! Who isn't game for free beer??? I settled on a nice Ruby beer and got a tuna melt and salad for dinner. Super cute place, and I apparently got checked out by an older man. I think I'll be finding my suga-daddy here.

There have been weather-rumors of snow. Welp...I guess proof is in the pictures!!

Here's hoping the snow doesn't ruin our exploring extravaganza for the week!!!

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