Thursday, November 25, 2010

...Portland Day 3...part uno.

Writers and bloggers of the world...I don't know how you do this everyday! It's kind of stressful trying to be entertaining through writing. Here's hoping I keep you engaged!!

Kristy and I started our Wednesday with a late breakfast at Stepping Stone Cafe; which was delish with great atmosphere and service!!! Oh, and they had EXCELLENT music playing the whole time! Two thumbs up, most def!!

Did I mention Kristy got their infamous pancakes?

They're stinkin' HUGE!!! This one was pumpkin....Mmmm....

After eating we headed out to Multnomah Falls, where we were in for a total surprise!!! We pulled up to the falls and were instantly in awe of the beauty!!! The mist of the falls created these beautiful icicles everywhere!!

This is looking up...the pictures don't do it justice.

We walked around to where the actual water fall is and were stunned at the partially frozen waterfall before us!

All the white is FROZEN water AKA ice. It was such a beautiful sight...makes you realize this universe wasn't created from a big bang. There was purpose, creativity, and thought put into our place of residence. (I'm thankful for that.)

We hopped back in the car to our next destination when we stumbled upon another gushing waterfall!

After our exploration victories we realized we weren't far from Bonneville's hot springs. We called the local spa resort and decided to enter Washington state for dip in the hot springs!

We arrived at the spa only to realize we didn't have swim wear, but were willing to skinny dip. BUT that idea was busted cuz of kids...they ruin everything! (JK kid owners!) We were informed of private baths that ended in a body wrap! We totally signed up for this treatment!! We picked our bath treatment, got our choice of tea or cider, and spent about 20 minutes soaking in an amazingly hot mineral bath. (It also included grapes and our own carafe of water and lemon! We're fancy!)

After an hour of pampering we showered, dressed, and headed back to Portland for our night out on the town!!!! Which I will write about later. Enjoy your turkey days!!

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