Friday, November 26, 2010

...Portland Day 4 & 5

Well...I'm currently sitting in my bed located in Dallas, Tx. YUP! I'm home. To quickly wrap up my trip...

Day 4: Thanksgiving!!

Mark, Kristy, and I went over to their family's house for dinner. It was nice to meet their family and friends. It was a quaint dinner with sweet people and great food! We came home tired, so we slipped in our PJs, made some cookies & tea, and watched the Simpson's movie. Did you know that the Simpsons was actually written in Portland? A few of the characters are named from Portland streets!!!!! As a Simpsons aficionado (I used the thesaurus for that one) I was thoroughly excited to learn this new and random fact!! :)

Day 5: It was really a half day...

Kristy took me into town for one last hoorah! We hit up a few craft shops that carry local artists' products. I love that Portland supports the local arts. I even got myself a passport holder made from an old map! SUPER CUTE! From shopping we went to the street's food carts and dug around our purses for cash to get some lunch. (We spent about 15min walking to each cart asking if they took plastic. We quickly figured out no one did.) Kristy and I split some exquisite thai food, in the rain. (Well...sitting in a covered area from the rain.)

We jumped back on the train to head home. Kristy, kindly, drove me to the airport in which I flew home. It was a great trip overall! I loved hanging with the Alperts and getting to know Portland. It's a GREAT city to be in!!! I really wanna check it out in the spring. Kristy was telling me that spring/summer is when everyone is out hiking, beach bumming it, and exploring the great outdoors. Late fall/winter is when everyone hibernates at home and in coffee shops. So, anyone game for joining me in the spring?????

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